Gresham Gutter Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of home maintenance in Gresham is maintaining your gutters. With a clogged system, you can face significant water damage issues if you do not have gutter cleaning performed regularly. Instead of neglecting your gutters, take preventive measures that will save you from expensive repair cost.

In the absence of proactive gutter cleaning, your gutters may be forced to contend with ice dams and icicles. As the snow melts, it needs an obstacle-free pathway to drain out entirely from your roof and away from your home. The presence of debris, leaves, nests, twigs, and sprouted weeds in your gutters clogs it badly and accelerates the approaching damage and high repair costs. Here are some things you should think about if your gutters are not functioning properly:

Formation of Icicles

When your gutters are blocked, there is no room for the water to exit your roof. So, it accumulates and forms ice in the winter months. During snowfall, your clogged and icy gutters prevent water from draining out through your drain spouts. The lack of functional drainage leads to melted snow flowing over the edge of your gutter system. As this happens, the severe cold freezes the water and creates long icicles that fall from your roof downwards.

Creation of Ice Dams

Snow on your roof eventually melts and if the melting snow doesn’t have anywhere to drain, your roof and gutters will form ice dams. Gutters clogged with existing debris increase the formation of such dams. Without regular gutter cleaning, the gutters cannot function properly. Ice dams may eventually push gutters away from your roof, preventing them from draining water at all.


Damaging Effect of Postponing Cleaning of Gutters

The creation of ice dams and icicles exposes your Gresham home to excessive moisture. As the ice melts, the stagnant water may seep under your shingles and onto the underlayment, ultimately reaching the plywood beneath. The melted ice damages your roof and dampens your walls, which retain all that moisture content. Moreover, the long icicles add to your gutter’s weight woes, causing them to eventually detach from your roof’s edge. The only way to prevent your gutters from collapsing and becoming ineffective is to clean them often. Call Premier Property Maintenance to schedule today.

Approach the Experts

All gutters are prone to accumulating some form of debris even when covered with a guard. Before the onset of winter, it is worth calling in the professionals to inspect your gutters and downspouts.