Beaverton Roof Washing

Roof Washing Beaverton

Regular roof cleaning can be very important to the lifespan of your Beaverton roof for a variety of reasons. If your roof is just dirty, that can lower your curb appeal, but dirt by itself might not be a problem. It’s often what comes along with the dirt that causes problems. You may have a problem if you see black streaks caused by microorganisms, moss collecting on the shady side of the roof, debris from trees, or algae growing under your shingles. Moss can actually grow between your shingles and get underneath them. When they absorb moisture, they can lift the shingles up and allow water to reach your underlayment. Here moisture may be trapped and with it unable to drain away from the roof and the house, you may get mold and mildew, which can be catastrophic to your roof. Dirt on the roof that just seems to hang around may be the first sign of a much bigger problem later. Call an expert like Premier Property Maintenance in Beaverton today!

Now that you understand what may be happening on your roof, you have to ask yourself if you’re prepared to go up there and take care of these potential issues. Without the proper training and tools, it can be very time consuming, not to mention very risky. There’s the potential to cause harm to your roofing materials or even yourself in the process. You could easily get water in vents and other places it shouldn’t go, or fall from your ladder or roof. If you don’t own a pressure washer you will have to rent one, and since our special blend of cleaning agents isn’t available to you, you may still get mixed results. Why introduce so much risk when you can call a local company like Premier Property Maintenance? We have been serving the Beaverton area for many years!

Here are some of those risks associated to trying to clean your own roof:

Falling: Your garden hose is probably not powerful enough to deliver all of the water and cleaning agents to all the right spots on your roof. A store-bought pressure washer might be the same story. This means that you would have to climb a ladder to reach those spots, or even get on your roof, which we do not recommend. Trying to operate a pressure washer while on a ladder or a roof can be very difficult, even with proper training and safety gear. Roof washing is probably best left to the professionals.

Damaging the Roof or House: Many things can happen to your roof if you’re not careful while trying to clean it. That’s why we recommend leaving it up to professionals. If you spray water up under your shingles, it can get onto the underlayment and cause mold. If you spray water into a vent, or behind your siding, same story. If you try to walk around on your shingles, you may damage them. We have the tools to ensure we can get our cleaning agents exactly where we want without stepping on your roof.

Using the Wrong Detergents: When we are trying to clean a specific plant or organism from your roof, we use special detergents formulated to get rid of them and keep them gone. These are not widely available to the public. The best roof washing just isn’t possible without these.

Premier Property Maintenance is the top choice for roof cleaning services in Beaverton. Instead of inviting unnecessary risks to your home, why not call on Premier Property Maintenance to help? If you are in Beaverton or the surrounding areas, we would love to come make your roof look new again. Call us today for a free estimate!